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Black Feather


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The Black Feather from Freefall Paddles has quickly become a favourite with inspiration from the traditional “Greenland Stick” providing an efficient paddling technique with low windage and force.

The idea of taking your time in a more efficient “effortless” manner allows this paddle to excel in a variety of conditions

What they say,

Our most unusual paddle, the Black Feather is designed from the original first nation people of North America and Canada, the blades is super slim, Originally the blade style was used as a hunting blade as it sweeps effortlessly through quiet water allowing the boat to creep along silently. Manufactured from Oak for durability and stiffness, this paddle is so absolutely unique.

Available in lengths between 52″ – 60″

Shaft – Straight or Swan Neck

Material – Oak

Uses – Touring, Lakes, Canals, Slow-moving Rivers

All Paddles are built to order and shipped directly. (25€ Shipping Charge for upto 5 Paddles)

(Please order paddles separately from other stock online)

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